League Rules

Official FPN League Rules

1. FPN rules – by participating in any FPN event, you agree to adhere to all FPN rules and regulations and behave in an appropriate manner. Violators may be warned, suspended from play for a time determined by the Tournament director, or removed from the tournament. Chips from any player leaving the tournament will be removed from play.

2. Age Requirement – Players must be 18 years of age.

3. Registered Member – All participants at FPN events must be registered members. Players may register live at any FPN event or online at www.freepokernights.com.

4. Member numbers – FPN Players are assigned a member number that is used to track all points earned by that member. Players MUST use their member number when signing in and out at an event in order to receive points.

5. Cell phone – If cell phone use becomes a distraction to the table or interrupts the game, you will be asked to turn it off. Failure to do so will result in the players removal from the tournament.

6. Conduct/Penalty – Inappropriate behavior may be punished with a penalty starting with a simple warning to being “dealt out” (chips will remain at the table and blinds posted and folded) for a length of time to be determined by the TD, penalty’s start at ten minutes and are determined by the TD based on the infraction. A severe infraction may result in removal from the tournament. Examples of inappropriate behavior: Verbal or physical threats, chastising opponents play, obscene or profane language, creating a disturbance by arguing, shouting, or making excessive noise, throwing equipment, destroying property, carrying a weapon.

7. Etiquette – The following actions are improper and grounds for penalty: Touching other players cards or chips, rabbit hunting, acting out of turn, splashing the pot, revealing another players hand, interfering with the visibility of cards or chips, making statements or actions that might influence play in an unfair manner.

8. Banned players – Player’s may be banned from league play for violating FPN Rules and Regulations, and/or Tournament Rules for 1 month up to indefinitely. If it is determined that a player’s actions warrant a ban they will be notified by e-mail and/or certified mail.

9. NO GAMBLING – No side bets, No cash bets. Any member found violating this rule will be shall be removed from the tournament and banned from FPN indefinitely.

10. No money on table – All participants of any FPN event are prohibited from placing any form of currency (other than poker chips) on a session table, as state law prohibits this. There will be no exceptions to this rule and violators will be asked to leave immediately and shall be disqualified from the tournament.

11. Point structure – Top 16 finishers at every session win points in accordance with the FPN Point Award Guidelines. If a player finishes in the top 16, the player must sign out with the TD and provide their member number. Tournaments will receive additional bonus points based on the FPN Point Award Guidelines.

12. Side Tournaments – Monthly Tournaments sessions are typically held as a side session to the normal session. All events earn FPN points according to the FPN Point Award Guidelines.

13. Blind lengths – FPN events typically operate under 15 minute blind lengths. Blinds can be shortened to expedite play. Blinds can be no shorter than 12 minutes. Events may run longer blinds (up to 30 minutes). FPN reserves the right to adjust blinds as necessary.

14. Starting stacks – FPN events typically start each player with 10,000 in chips, FPN requires a minimum of a 5,000 starting stack. Players are handicapped for late entry (see Tournament Rules). FPN reserves the right to adjust starting stacks as necessary.

15. Self Dealt – FPN events are self dealt by the players at the table (see Tournament Rules)

16. Changes – Sponsors / Account Managers and or FPN Tournament Directors retain the right to cancel any event, or alter it in a manner fair to the players.

17. Pot ruling – A ruling regarding a pot may only be made before the next hand starts. Otherwise the results of a hand will stand. The new dealer receiving the cards will start the new hand.

18. Action interpretation – Identical actions may have different meaning depending on who did it. The possible intent of the offender will be considered when evaluating the correct action by a TD. Some factors are the players experience and history.

19. Blind Straddle – Straddle blinds are not allowed.

20. Setting the board – The dealer is not allowed to “set the board” by placing all the cards out before they are to be placed in accordance with their position. This is to assure that burn cards conceal the live cards before they are placed on the board.

21. Non-player – A player not involved in the tournament may not sit at a table.

22. English Only – In the US, only English will be spoken at the table by the players in the hand during play .